Bishop Glenford Elijah Hutchinson has served the Port Salerno community for over 30 years, with unquestionable integrity and unwavering faith in God; and with an insatiable desire to fulfill the Great Commission. His current commitment to ministry parallels the zeal with which he accepted the call of salvation at the age of 19.

Since 1983 , our pastor has left an indelible impression on the lives of so many people throughout our nation and abroad. Pastor’s walk of faith, spans nearly five decades.

During the first half of his journey, which began around 1959, pastor dedicated much of his to time studying God’s word and pursuing training that prepared him for the ministry challenges. In the preparation of ministry, he:

  • received his exhorter’s license in January 1960;
  • earned the distinction of being the first National Laymen’s president in the United Kingdom;
  • began the pastorate in 1962 (one in which he planted) in the UK;
  • was ordained as a minister in 1970;
  • planted a new work in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 1978;
  • was appointed pastor of Port Salerno Church of God in 1983;
  • received a license in Theology from Overstone Theological College in 1995;
  • received his Doctor of Ministry from the European Theological Seminary in 1996.

First lady, Sarah Hutchinson, a magnificent woman of God, shares in ministry as the Women’s Ministries President at Port Salerno Church of God. She leads weekly prayer meetings on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. In addition, she actively engages in outreach ministries spreading the message of God’s love.