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Our goal is to motivate women of all ages to know God, find freedom, discover their purpose, and build His Kingdom


Sarah Hutchinson,
Women's Ministry President

Mission Statement

To foster an environment for growth, through prayer, reading and studying of the Word and provide opportunities for development.

provide an atmosphere where each woman feels loved, accepted and appreciated.

To provide a platform where one's gifts and talent can be exercised and developed

To lead women in an authentic life changing, and growing relationship with Jesus.

To create an atmosphere where each woman can connect with each other regardless of race, color, or status.

We believe that when we:

Ask - we receive,

Seek - we find, and we

Knock - doors are opened

PRAY WITHOUT CEASING. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

Our Purpose is to Empower Women

Our Purpose is...

  • to know Christ

  • to know who they are in Christ

  • to grow as leaders and mentors who disciple others

  • to act by giving their talents, money and time to be the salt of the earth, the light of the world

Our Purpose is

  • to realize they are valued in God’s kingdom

  • to form small groups, uniting and sharing with women of like passions and interests

  • to strengthen their families and

  • to be God’s hands in the world

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